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Keep calm and smile on. Sometimes dental visits are a laughing matter!

If you went to the dentist as a child, you might remember the bubbly, giggly feeling when breathing happy air. Nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas” or “happy air,” can help relieve pain, anxiety, and gag reflex for kids of all ages. Don’t worry – if laughing gas is given, your child will still be awake throughout the procedure!


Nitrous oxide is safe for kids, and it works by helping them feel sleepy and relaxed. If you’ve never had laughing gas, its effects are best described as warm, happy, tingly, relaxed, dreamy or floaty.


While inhaling nitrous oxide, some people experience euphoria, but a feeling of complete calm is actually more common than a round of the giggles. After the dental procedure, the effects of laughing gas wear off quickly so your child is back to their normal selves before leaving, but fair warning – your child might start to associate the dentist chair with a rocking good time!


Conscious Oral Sedation for Kiddos

In-office oral sedation can be used together with nitrous oxide to help make your child’s dental procedure go more smoothly. Oral sedation is a liquid medication that helps ease anxiety. Just like laughing gas, oral sedation does not put your child to sleep, but it can help make the whole experience less stressful. Dr. Elson can help determine if your child is a good candidate for oral sedation. Your child will be carefully monitored while sedated to make sure they are safe and can still follow simple instructions, like “open,” “close,” or “ high five!”


Meet Dr. Abbey Elson

Dr. Abbey Elson is passionate about creating a safe, comforting environment and fostering dental hygiene habits that lead to lifelong healthy smiles. She has a gentle touch and a curious approach, and is eager to learn about your child’s unique needs.



Hear From Our Happy Parents

“Dr. Abbey is so thoughtful with every single patient and parent she works with. She’s attentive, educational, and does her best to help children learn to love going to the dentist instead of fear it. Our family loves Mini Molars!"

- Jacquie H.

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