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Mini Molars specializes in gentle options for tiny teeth!

Going to the dentist can be scary for kids, but we have options to help your mini feel super safe and comfortable. If you want to avoid dental drills and numbing shots, we’ve got you covered!

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What is No Shot, No Drill Dentistry?

As an adult, you’re probably familiar with numbing shots and dental drilling. Both can be tough for kids to handle which is why we’re so thrilled to offer alternatives. No shot, no drill options are a great way to buy time for your child to gain the confidence needed to receive traditional dentistry. These options allow your child to get the treatment they need while avoiding vibrations, sounds, and sensations that might otherwise be too stressful.


No shot, no drill options are only successful in certain situations and may not be suitable for every patient. Dr. Elson can discuss your options and see if no shot, no drill options are a good fit for your child!

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Hall Crowns

Hall crowns are special pre-fitted stainless steel crowns used only on baby teeth. They fit right over decayed teeth and don’t require any shots or drilling. They’re incredibly effective at stopping tooth decay in primary chompers!

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a simple, painless way to kill bacteria, strengthen decayed teeth, and prevent further decay. SDF is a liquid applied to the tooth with a small brush. Sometimes SDF is used alongside a Hall crown, but it can also be effective on its own. SDF is composed of silver, water, ammonia, and fluoride.


Meet Dr. Abbey Elson

Dr. Abbey Elson is passionate about creating a safe, comforting environment and fostering dental hygiene habits that lead to lifelong healthy smiles. She has a gentle touch and a curious approach, and is eager to learn about your child’s unique needs.



Hear From Our Happy Parents

“Dr. Abbey is so thoughtful with every single patient and parent she works with. She’s attentive, educational, and does her best to help children learn to love going to the dentist instead of fear it. Our family loves Mini Molars!"

- Jacquie H.

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