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If you need urgent, same-day services for your child’s tooth, we’re here to help!

Tooth injuries can be incredibly distressing – for both you and your child! If your kiddo damages a tooth, Mini Molars has your back with emergency dental care you can trust.


Dr. Elson and the Mini Molars team are here to handle your emergency dental needs! We offer same-day appointments for emergency treatment. If your child has an urgent need, call our office at (470) 299-0131.

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Our regular office hours are:


Monday: 8am - 4pm

Tuesday: 8am - 4pm

Wednesday: 8am - 4pm

Thursday: 8am - 4pm

Friday: Closed


If your emergency is outside office hours, contact us at (470) 299-0131 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What to do if Your Child Damages a Tooth

Baby teeth or adult teeth can be chipped, broken, or totally detached from the socket. In addition to the injury, your child might experience bleeding, pain, or intense sensitivity. Make an appointment with Mini Molars as soon as possible to prevent further injury or damage.


In the meantime, you can:


  • Give Children’s Motrin or Tylenol like you would for a fever

  • Give your child an ice pop or ice pack to help with swelling and pain

  • For bleeding, hold pressure with gauze or a wet washcloth

  • For a broken or chipped tooth, collect all the pieces if possible

  • Check your child’s mouth to ensure there are no tiny tooth fragments lodged in their cheek, gums, or lip

  • If a baby tooth is knocked out, do not re-insert the tooth - it could damage the developing adult tooth

  • If an adult tooth is knocked out and your child will allow it, you can insert the tooth back in its socket to help preserve it (hint: the smooth side of the tooth faces outward!)

  • If you cannot re-insert the tooth, place it in a cup of milk or saliva (do not place in tap water)

  • Contact your pediatric dentist immediately for an emergency appointment

Remember, accidents happen, and your pediatric dentist knows what to do in any emergency! Assure your child that you and the dentist will help them with pain, discomfort, and getting their tooth back to good-as-new.

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