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Building beautiful smiles your mini can wear with pride!

Everyone’s smile is unique (that’s what makes it beautiful!) - but sometimes issues like crowding and crossbites can get in the way of function and self-esteem.


Interceptive orthodontics are appliances designed to help your child achieve a healthy smile. When you visit the Mini Molars team, we can help you understand your orthodontic options and start building a strategy for your child’s brilliant new smile.

Orthodontic Checkup

Does My Child Need Interceptive Orthodontics?

Your pediatric dentist can help you know for sure whether your kiddo might benefit from orthodontic treatment or devices.


Your child might be a good candidate for orthodontics if they have:


  • Early or late loss of primary (baby) teeth

  • Thumb sucking or pacifier habit

  • Crowded front teeth by 7 or 8 years old

  • Trouble chewing and/or biting comfortably

  • Protruding top or bottom teeth


Appliance Therapy

Interceptive orthodontics, also known as appliance therapy, includes devices that help ensure your child has a functional bite, the ability to chew well, and adequate space for their adult teeth to grow properly.


Interceptive orthodontics can be used for:


  • Upper jaw expansion to eliminate a crossbite or create space for crowded teeth

  • Repositioning of individual adult teeth in crossbite

  • Early removal of certain baby teeth to ensure proper growth of adult teeth

  • Releasing trapped six year molars

  • Thumb sucking habit cessation

Space Maintainers

Not to be confused with Space Invaders, space maintainers – also called “spacers” – are devices that hold space for adult teeth. These devices come in handy if your child has lost baby teeth early and won’t have an adult tooth replacement for awhile.


Spacers look similar to a retainer and are painless. If your child needs a spacer, the Mini Molars team will ensure you and your kiddo know how to properly care for your new device.


We’ll teach you everything you need to know about caring for spacers, like:


  • Avoiding taffy, sticky candy, and gum

  • How to brush and floss to keep the spacer good as new

  • Avoiding pushing on the spacer, either with the tongue or fingers


Meet Dr. Abbey Elson

Dr. Abbey Elson is passionate about creating a safe, comforting environment and fostering dental hygiene habits that lead to lifelong healthy smiles. She has a gentle touch and a curious approach, and is eager to learn about your child’s unique needs.



Hear From Our Happy Parents

“Dr. Abbey is so thoughtful with every single patient and parent she works with. She’s attentive, educational, and does her best to help children learn to love going to the dentist instead of fear it. Our family loves Mini Molars!"

- Jacquie H.

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